Blk Food Baltimore 2022: Celebrating Baltimore’s Black Owned Restaurants During Black History Month

Hi! Here you’ll find a map of Baltimore’s black owned restaurants and a downloadable document of black owned restaurants in Baltimore city and county. Will gladly update with new businesses as I hear of them. Enjoy!

The Blk Food Baltimore campaign is an initiative that I personally launched and executed in support of Baltimore’s black owned businesses. This campaign is funded by me with some funds from individual donors of the Baltimore community. If Blk Food Baltimore has been helpful to you and others, please consider donating/gifting via Cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal at $charmcitytable, @charmcitytable, and Thank you!

 a plate creme brulee french toast in the front and a plate of shrimp and grits in the back
A casual brunch at Denzel’s Shark Bar & Grill

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