Support Local, Baltimore

Maryland steamed crabs in a pile and crab mallets in front.
Maryland steamed crabs from Conrads in Parkville, MD.

My first “Baltimore post” should be about crabs or crab cakes. It’s the proper thing for a Baltimore food blogger to do. But COVID-19 is here impacting our lives in ways we would have never imagined 6 months ago. So for Baltimore post #1, please enjoy the crabby photos while reading about food-related ways to support our community and how to access food resources.

While some restaurants are choosing to remain open for takeout/delivery, others have temporarily closed with the COVID-19 mandates in place to keep Marylanders safe and healthy. #STAYHOME! Whatever our beloved restaurants are choosing, we must do what we can to support the servers, bartenders, hosts, owners, and everyone else keeping our community vibrant and fed.

11 oz. Broiled Crab Cake from Koco’s Pub in Baltimore, MD

Then we have our beautiful Baltimore residents who need access to food. Of course there is never a good time to be hungry or food insecure but with everything shut down and many people out of work, there becomes a greater need for accessible food resources. Food that people can pick up in their neighborhoods to feed their families.

In my Instagram food blogging world, I have come across a few orgs and groups that may be helpful to people in need of food, support, and various resources during this time. For those able to give back, I have also listed ways to donate and help those in need.

Support Restaurants

Support Community

Food Resources

Please share these resources far and wide! If you know of organizations offering assistance, please email me at and I will update these lists.

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